Angel Trigo

  • illustrator
  • Salamanca,Spain

Hi, my name is Angel Trigo. I was born in Salamanca, Spain.
I graduated in Art and Design at the Madrid School of Arts and Crafts.

When I was 7 years old I decided to draw and publish my account of the Allied Normandy Landing. Since then I’ve worked on many other projects, some less ambitious than my first one and some even more so.

I have 7 years’ experience as a storyboard & layout designer for feature films and TV animation series, working for several animation studios such us:Lightbox enternaiment(Tadeo Jones)and Ilion Animation Studios(Planet 51)
At the moment I’m working with several companies as a freelance illustrator for children’s books and textbooks.


Ediciones SM, Ediciones SANTILLANA, RICHMOND Publishing, FNAC España, Ediciones LA GUARIDA